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Top 5 Canadian Universities Offering Fully Funded Scholarships

Top 5 Canadian Universities Offering Fully Funded Scholarships

Dreaming of pursuing higher education in Canada? Eager to earn a North American degree but concerned about the hefty tuition fees? Worry not! Canadian universities offer a plethora of fully and partially funded scholarships to international students every year.

In 2023, five distinguished Canadian institutions stand out for providing both partial and fully funded scholarships. Curious to know which these universities are and how you can benefit? Read on to discover the opportunities that await you.

Canada: A Haven for International Students

Canada’s appeal to international students lies not only in its academic excellence but also in its friendly immigration policies. Attaining a Permanent Residency (PR) after completing studies is remarkably straightforward, making it an attractive destination for scholars worldwide.

Scholarships in Canadian Universities

Amidst the rising costs, Canadian universities annually offer approximately 700-800 scholarships, fully funded and partial, to both domestic and international students. While numerous universities provide scholarships, five distinguished institutions stand out for their commitment to supporting international students.

Top 5 Canadian Universities Offering Fully Funded Scholarships

Here is a curated selection of the top 5 fully funded scholarships available in Canada, complete with application links for your convenience.

1: University of Saskatchewan

  • Founded in 1907, the University is a leading public research institution in Canada.
  • Scholarships are offered for Master’s and PhD. programs.
  • Master’s students qualify for $18,000 per year (for two-year programs).
  • Ph.D. students qualify for $22,000 per year (for three years).

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2: University of Waterloo

  • The University of Waterloo, renowned for its research, provides 140 scholarships.
  • Automatic eligibility upon application for prospective students.
  • Scholarships of $10,000 are available for Master’s and PhD. students.

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3: University of Alberta

  • Provides scholarships to 150+ international students annually.
  • Offers fully funded Master’s and PhD. scholarships.
  • Programs are globally renowned for their quality.

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4: McGill University

  • Globally acclaimed for academic and research excellence.
  • Scholarships offered up to $8,500.
  • Additional bursaries and grants enhance financial support.

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5: Dalhousie University

  • Recognized among Canada’s top 300 universities.
  • Master’s and PhD scholarships amounting to $50,000 are available.
  • Monthly stipends are provided for living expenses and healthcare costs.

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These five universities have consistently supported international students, offering substantial financial aid in 2023 and continuing these initiatives into 2024. Aspiring scholars with strong academic backgrounds and proficiency in English are encouraged to apply. While undergraduate scholarships are limited, numerous opportunities await at the Master’s and PhD. levels.


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