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Singapore Work Visa Process 2024 (Step By Step Guide)

Singapore is the primary choice for worldwide job seekers to discover high-paying work opportunities within a secure and promising work environment. This is because Singapore boasts one of the finest economies and most attractive job markets worldwide, making it an ideal workplace for many.

One of the greatest advantages of working in Singapore is that most Singaporean companies offer competitive compensation, especially if you bring a special skill set to their company. Apart from that, there are a lot of resources to assist you if you’re interested in setting up a business in Singapore and getting settled there as well.

But before you begin working there, you must obtain a Singaporean work visa, locally known as a ‘Pass’. There are different types of Singaporean Passes you can apply for depending on your salary, type of job, skills, and expertise, which are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore. So, let’s get into it.

Types of Singaporean Work VISA Passes in 2024

You ought to select the correct type of Singaporean Work VISA as per your work sort and usually why you would like to memorize which work VISA alternatives are accessible for you in 2024:

  • Employment Pass for Singapore
  • Skilled and Unskilled labourers pass (S Pass & Others)
  • Students and learner passes for Singapore
  • Short-term pass

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Employment Pass for Singapore

If you have landed administrative or official level work in Singapore, or arranged to work as a business person at that point you ought to enroll for the Proficient Business Pass which offers three diverse sorts of work visas EntrePass, Personalized Business Pass, and the Abroad Organize and Ability Pass.

Normally, with a work position of a chief, official, or proficient, you’ll most likely apply for the Work Pass for Singapore, given that your compensation is at the slightest S$5000. In any case, in case you’re gaining an indeed higher compensation (or applying as an abroad proficient), you’ll apply for the Personalized Business Pass. This is often a distant better choice in this case because it does not as it were permit you to effortlessly switch between employment numerous times without having to apply for a modern pass but is advertised for a more noteworthy period (3 a long time) than the Business Pass.

Now, as a business visionary (or a speculator in an entrepreneurial trade), you’ll need to apply for the EntrePass. Although EntrePass is at first given for one year it can be reestablished for as long as the commerce is running, permitting business visionaries to bring their dream businesses to life.

Lastly, we have the Abroad Organize and Skill Pass which has been given out for 5 a long time and culminates for the foremost exceedingly gifted candidates. You may be qualified to apply for this sort of Singaporean Work visa if you’re greatly gifted in expressions or sports, have a part of scholastic accomplishments, or are gaining the least compensation of S$30,000 a month.

Skilled and Semi-skilled Worker’s Pass

Let’s take a look at the type of visa you’d get to begin work in Singapore as a talented semi-skilled labourer. According to my investigation, a skilled or somewhat skilled international labourer can apply for 4 types of Singaporean work visas, which are:

  1. S Pass: Issued to decently skilled labourers with an average starting salary of S$3,000.
  2. Work Permit for Migrant Workers: Issued to migrant labourers.
  3. Work Permit for Transient Domestic Workers: Issued to transient domestic workers.
  4. Work Permit for Control Caretakers: Issued to control caretakers.
  5. Work Permit for Artiste: Issued for skilled artists to perform within the Singaporean entertainment sector.

Out of these 5 Singaporean Work Permits, the S Pass is specifically for decently skilled labourers with a minimum starting salary requirement. The Work Permit for Control Caretakers is for caretaker labourers, while the Work Permit for Artiste is for skilled performers in the Singaporean entertainment industry. Additionally, the Work Permit for Transient and Domestic Workers is issued to construction, domestic, manufacturing, and service workers from specific countries.

Trainees’ and Students’ passes for Singapore

Trainee and Understudy VISA for Singapore incorporates a category of passes given to learners, understudies, and individuals interested in working amid their holidays or for preparation purposes in Singapore usually the most limited work pass as it’s as it was given for a length of 6 months whereas a Work Holiday Pass is as it were accessible to citizens of Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the USA, and the UK.

Short-term work passes for Singapore

In a few cases, it is conceivable for you to work in Singapore on the off chance that you’re flying there on a visit visa by getting an extra Random Work Pass. But if you’ve got this Singaporean pass, you’ll be able to work for a length of 6 months in different conferences, open speaking gigs, have workshops, and carry out journalistic visits or devout work, etc.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Singaporean Work Visa

To start, to be eligible to apply for a Singaporean work visa, you must be between 18 to 50 years old (58 if you’re Malaysian) and already have a work offer in Singapore. Once you have a work offer, you can begin the application process. This is because your employer or work office in Singapore will be responsible for submitting your work visa application (unless you’re applying for a PEP).

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How to Apply for a Singaporean Work Pass

Firstly, sometime recently you’ll indeed start applying for a Singapore work visa, in most cases, you would like to ensure that you simply have secured work in Singapore and have a business arrangement letter in your hand. Another, your boss will yield an application on your behalf to the Singaporean service of labour (as it were after accepting composed assent from you) through EP online and pay the specified application expenses of around S$105.

Along with your VISA application, you’ll be required to yield a few extra records which incorporate a work affirmation letter, a duplicate of your visa, instructive certificates, records affirming past work encounters, later coloured photos, and a nitty gritty portrayal of your work in Singapore.

Once the Singapore work VISA application has been submitted, at that point it will take a couple of days to prepare, after which your boss ought to get either an endorsement (IPA) or a dismissal (IPR) message. The IPA shows that your application for the work visa for Singapore has been acknowledged and the last mentioned shows that your application has been rejected.

Starting Work in Singapore

Once the pass is issued you’ll get a notice letter that will permit you to start work immediately while, in a few cases, you might have to enrol yourself at the Business Pass Administrations Center (EPSC) which entails getting visa pictures and fingerprints taken some time recently your work pass is sent to you, and in other cases, you may get the work pass straightforwardly.

You can check out more information about Singapore on the official website https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits.


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