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Study in Austria without IELTS – Fully Funded Scholarship

Finding grants in Austria without the requirement for IELTS could be a brilliant opportunity that numerous universal understudies aim to seize. Austria, known for its high-quality instruction, liberally offers completely supported grants through the best administrative and non-governmental organizations, permitting worldwide understudies to seek after their thoughts without the IELTS requirement.

Austria stands out among European think-about goals by giving alternatives for universal understudies to select in colleges without the required IELTS examination. Underneath, we’ll highlight a few of the best grants accessible for consideration in Austria without the IELTS test.

Universities in Austria to Consider without IELTS 2024

Austria governs various colleges where worldwide understudies can seek their instruction without the need for IELTS. A few of these colleges include:

  • Vienna University
  • University of Salzburg
  • University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
  • Johannes Kepler University
  • Modul College, Vienna
  • University of Innsbruck
  • Vienna College of Financial Matters and Business
  • Technical College Graz

Scholarships to Study in Austria without IELTS 2024

Government of Austria Scholarship

Topping the list is the scholarship granted by the Government of Austria. This grant, given by the Grant Establishment of the Republic of Austria, is open to remote understudies seeking after Lone Ranger, Aces, and PhD degrees in Austrian colleges. Worldwide understudies from different nations can apply without the requirement for an IELTS score.

Eligible Fields for the Government of Austria Scholarship

Students inquisitive about this grant can seek degrees in areas such as Restorative Sciences, Human Medication, Specialized Sciences, Wellbeing Sciences, Humanities, Normal Sciences, Expressions, and Social Sciences.

What Does the Grant Cover?

The grant covers costs supported by the Austrian Government through the Austrian Government Service of Instruction, Science, and Investigate. This incorporates well-being protections, travel stipends, convenience, and month-to-month grant instalments.

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Conditions for Eligibility

Bachelor’s degree program candidates must have completed 12 years of education.

Master’s program candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree, and Ph.D. program candidates must have both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Doctoral program candidates ought to not be over 40 years old, whereas those applying for Bachelors and Masters programs ought to not surpass 35 years.

The grant is open to international students from all countries but Austrian citizens.

How to Apply for this Scholarship

Applications for the Government of Austria Grant are submitted online. Press here to begin the application. 

Austrian Improvement Participation Scholarship

This grant comes in two categories: grants for ADC’s needy countries and scholarships for other creating nations.

Eligible Areas for the Austrian Improvement Participation Scholarship

Students curious about this grant can ponder the Tourism Administration Module or Hospitality Administration Module, with elective courses in Enterprise or Teacher Training Module (TT).

What does the Scholarship Cover?

The grant for ADC needy nations covers tuition expenses, accommodation, health insurance, monthly stipend, flight tickets, excursions, and meals (Monday to Sunday).

The grant for developing nations covers tuition fees, excursions, meals (Monday to Friday), health insurance, and monthly pocket money.

Conditions for Eligibility

This grant is open to worldwide understudies from all nations but Austrian citizens.

Applicants ought to not be over 35 a long time old.

How to Apply for this Scholarship

To apply for this program, contact an Austrian government office or department to get data about ITH. Get the ITH application form from the Austrian office or government office, or download it online. Apply and yield your application to the established, at that point hold up for confirmation.

Established Science and Innovation Austria Scholarship

This grant, advertised by the Founded of Science and Innovation Austria (IST), gives total subsidizing and is a great opportunity for universal understudies seeking a Ph.D. degree in Austria.

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Eligible Areas for the Organized of Science and Innovation Austria

Students fascinated by this grant can seek after their Ph.D. degree program in Science, Computer Science, Science, Material Science, Chemistry and Materials, Information Science and Logical Computing, and Neuroscience.

What does the Scholarship Cover?

The grant covers educational cost expenses, settlement, inquiries about, wellbeing protections, month-to-month stash cash, flight tickets, trips, and feeding.

Conditions for Eligibility

This grant is open to understudies with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in chemistry, arithmetic, material science, science, logical computing, computer science, information science, and related fields.

How to Apply for this Scholarship

The application for this PhD program in IST Austria opens once each year. To apply, visit their site, set up an internet account, fill out the form, transfer all required documents, and yield the application frame. Hold up for affirmation, which you may get through the mail.

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