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Fruit Picking Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Fruit Picking Jobs in UK

The United Kingdom possesses artistic natural landscapes everywhere and highly fertile farmlands which means that the country is well suited for those seeking seasonal job opportunities, and in particular fruit picking during harvest season. 

Usually, the farm jobs for people include fruit picking which encourages workers to see the area and also offers them the necessary working experience, sometimes even enabling visa sponsorships. 

Job Details

  • Job Title: Fruit picking jobs
  • Job Type: Seasonal/Full Time
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

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Job Requirements:

  • To utilize manual Labour and hence to work as a fruit picker in the UK you need to be able to bear both physical outdoor jobs and busy working hours. 
  • Previous experience is a plus, but it isn’t always necessary and most employers offer their new employees on-the-job training. 
  • Additive to that, positive attitudes, the ability to learn, and the team spirit are highly appreciated qualities. 
  • Yet the same employers may prefer having citizens of certain countries over others on the condition that they already have a valid work permit.


  • Through fruit picking employment, people can enjoy a delightful chance that presents an opportunity for them to become part of the UK’s natural environment and traditions.
  • Most fruit-picking job tends to be seasonal, however, that will be a great benefit to earn higher income during the peak harvesting period while still being flexible during the off-season.
  • Certain employers are likely to provide visa sponsorship for international workers who have been hired and, hence, be able to live and work in Great Britain legally.
  • Fruit picking job is a good chance that a person can perform with these skills; such as time management, teamwork, attention to detail, etc.
  • Nevertheless, the remuneration may differ in the fruition based on the locality and the level of experience, many fruit picker jobs have a much higher rate than the average wage.


  • Fruits must be harvested in time according to quality requirements.
  • This allows you to prune trees and plants on a routine basis.
  • Keeping the farm or orchard clean, organized, and soakable is the first thing to start doing.
  • The criteria of safe worksite operation to avoid any potential accidents and illnesses.


The salary for fruit picker jobs in the UK can be subject to varying factors including the position location, employer, and experience. The most commonly earned €8-10 per hour for fruit pickers is an average. However, some workers might not be paid strictly in a piece rate system where what the workers earn is greater according to the number of fruits they harvest instead of time. This is so because the more productive workers earn the least.

Types of Fruit Picking Jobs:

Apple Picking: Every year during their harvest, nearly the whole of the UK’s apple orchards rely on seasonal workers who typically pick Brae burn, Gala, and Granny Smith.

Strawberry Picking: During the summer, strawberry farmers in areas such as Kent and Herefordshire provide openings for people to be the ones who harvest these choice fruits as they are the guarantors and the sellers of the product.

Cherry Picking: Orchards all around Great Britain offer the workers the opportunity to pick jobs that entail sorting different varieties like Sweetheart, Stella, and Morello.

Raspberry Picking: Raspberry farms in various areas of Scotland and elsewhere need rather special workforces to collect berries in the summertime.

Blueberry Picking: Blueberry production in Wales and the English region is not only a source of income but also accommodates the workers who are needed to attend this beneficial crop.

Blackberry Picking: Blackberry picking is a seasonal activity in the UK and numerous dirt trails provide openings for fruit pickers through the farmers across the regions.

Plum Picking: Picking plum orchids in England, most of them situated in counties like Worcestershire and Herefordshire, call for laborers during the season of gathering.

Pear Picking: There are seasonal jobs of picking the pears in orchards around the UK, great types of these being strains

Grape Picking: Vineyards on British soil also allow grapes to be cultivated for the wine sector, providing jobs for grape pickers during the year’s harvest.

Apricot Picking: Indeed, picked apricots shortage in the UK makes this position necessary for fruit pickers in the summer season.

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How to Apply?

The UK has fruitful jobs in the industry that present a chance to work in the open and enjoy the magical views of the countryside during the harvesting season the employees, will have competitive salaries, visa sponsorship plans, and a wide range of fruits to harvest hence there is more chance of attracting people from different backgrounds. Whether being a UK local or a worker coming from overseas, the prospect of grabbing fruit-picking jobs in the UK is a great option for people in search of work opportunities. That’s a great idea, so why not give it a try in the agricultural areas of the United Kingdom?


Mubashir is a author of VisaJobsPK.com. Here we have shared the new Jobs opportunity with visa sponsorship, work permit and work visa.

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