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Farm Jobs Finland with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners 2024

The Finland forests and its lakes are not only beautiful but also fertile and waiting for someone to harvest them is just a scoop of opportunity away. Foreigners looking for an exciting work environment within Finland can find a welcoming hand across all farm roles with visa sponsorship programs.

Collecting the crops and taking care of the animals, these jobs not only give a person a livelihood but also allow him to learn about the rich agricultural history of Finland. So let’s take a walk through these possibilities, ranging from employment particulars down to the process of application.

Job Details

  • Job Title: Farm Worker
  • Location: Various farms across Finland
  • Job Type: Full-time, seasonal
  • Visa Sponsorship Available: Yes

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  • Work Permit: Foreigners need a valid work permit to stand at their sight in the first place. Fortunately, most Finnish farms are ready to endorse a visa for qualified applicants.
  • Physical Fitness: Farming can be quite physically exhausting for not “only” individuals but also whole bodies as they are supposed to be in good decent condition to cater for the manual labor involved.
  • Basic Language Skills: While in many cases it’s not compulsory, being able to speak Finnish or English is usually necessary, until it becomes possible to speak with your colleagues on the job fluently.
  • Experience: Some people might be better at it due to their experience in agriculture or related fields, but most of the positions offer training for newbies.
  • Adaptability: Being flexible and adaptable is the main skill, as farm works are oftentimes, subject to seasonal fluctuation and climatic conditions.


  • Cultural Immersion: Be a part of the Finnish people and country-side life, learning fast the daily life as an insider.
  • Outdoor Environment: Finland’s countryside is so mesmerizing that you can even enjoy working among the natural beauty.
  • Skill Development: Engage in training that will be of great value to you and develop your skills in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, and sustainability in farming.
  • Community Engagement: Nurture personal relationships with the surrounding farming neighborhood as well as become one of them to forge personal bonds with other farmers and locals.


In Finland, farming job duties vary adaptably according to whether or not it is about the type of farm. However, common responsibilities include:

  • Crop Harvesting: Looking up for fruits, vegetables, grains, and also other crops according to when it is harvest time.
  • Equipment Operation: Machine and equipment operations, which include tractors, plows, or harvesters and their safe and correct usage.
  • Product Packaging: Harvesting, sorting, cleaning, and packaging of the produce for distribution and sale.


In Finland, the short-term nature of seasonal workers is associated with the difficulty of accumulating experience and becoming permanent employees. This can lead to low wages in comparison to the starting salaries. On average, it is possible to earn a net income of €1500 and €2500 per month during the farming season, when accommodation, and meals provided by some employers, are also considered.

Types of Jobs

Crop Picker: The fruits, berries, and vegetables are the crops that are harvested from the fields and orchards.

Livestock Attendant: The animals are fed, protein milked, and the litter is cleaned.

Farmhand: Assisting with various field works of similar nature, e.g. planting, weeding, and irrigation.

Apiarist: Providing services as a commercial bee-keeping farm that also pollinates flowers.

Farm Manager: Running daily operations, arranging staff, and forming crop rotation and animal care schedules are the main tasks of a farmer.

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Application Process:

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