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Bread Baker Jobs in London, UK, with Visa Sponsorship 2024

One of the key components of the Eataly experience is working in an open bakery as a bread and pastry specialist. Making bread, focaccia, and other sweet baked goods utilizing our Italian formulas is the obligation of a bread baker. Look around and ask questions. Sometimes, pastry specialists will even speak with visitors to explain our items and procedures. Fundamental math capacities and earlier experience working in a bakery at a work environment or a college.

If you’re able to work and stay within the UK legally, you’ll get a UK Work Permit. The advantages are different, but the necessities to apply for a job or a visa remain the same. Before you apply online, check out a few more interesting details about bread-baking occupations in London, UK, including free food, sponsorship for visas, and other benefits.

Job Details

  • Job Country: UK
  • Industry: Retail Food Services
  • Job Type: Bread Baker
  • Minimum Experience Required: 1–3 years
  • Education Required: Basic English
  • Any Age Limit: No
  • Visa: Sponsorship
  • Salary Hourly: £17 per year

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  • Proficiency in using a wood-fire oven and other proficient culinary equipment; Experience in a fast-paced, high-demand setting; Professional foundations in baking
  • The capacity to get ready nourishment, agree to recipes and maintain brand standards
  • Strong interpersonal aptitudes between all relevant sectors
  • An inviting and hospitable attitude as well as self-assurance when collaborating with our guests
  • A love of Italian food, drink, and culture
  • Ability to adjust and work with a few teams
  • English-fluent capacity to work within the UK

Job Obligations

Making delicious bread, focaccia, and other sweet baked goods will be a key obligation of your position as a bread baker at Eataly. You’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Making bread from our collections and other baked goods.
  • Before heating, combine, scale, and shape.
  • Ensuring that each item is delivered under daily necessities and established quality benchmarks
  • Keeping an expert and reliable eye on production.
  • Handling large amounts.
  • Keep all of the devices and utensils in your workspace clean.

Benefits for Bread Baker Jobs in London, UK

  • Visa Sponsorship: Secure visa sponsorship guarantees legal qualification to work within the UK, giving solidity and peace of mind to breadbakers looking for employment.
  • Cultural Exposure: Working in London exposes bread bakers to a wealthy and different culinary scene, cultivating social trade and upgrading their aptitudes in different heating traditions.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: London’s bustling nourishment industry offers plentiful openings for career progression, permitting breadbakers to climb the professional ladder and broaden their expertise.
  • Competitive Salaries: The cost of living in London may be higher, but bread and pastry specialists frequently enjoy competitive pay rates that reflect the city’s flourishing nourishment culture and demand for talented professionals.
  • Networking Openings: London is a hub for nourishment occasions, workshops, and gatherings, giving bread and bread cooks broad networking openings to connect with industry specialists and like-minded professionals.
  • Access to Quality Fixings: London’s different nourishment markets and providers offer access to high-quality and different fixings, permitting bread cooks to explore and make special and innovative products.
  • Culinary Education: London boasts famous culinary schools and workshops, giving breadbakers openings to improve their abilities, remain updated on industry patterns, and continuously progress their craft.

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How to Apply For Bread Baker Jobs in London, UK?

To apply directly on the work advertisement site, tap the link below if you’re prepared to become a member of our group and completely immerse yourself in the world of bread baking:

Apply Now


Bread bakers in central London find not just work but a dynamic and satisfying profession. Visa sponsorship creates openings, and people with the fundamental qualifications, capacities, and motivation can succeed in the fast-paced world of baking.


Mubashir is a author of VisaJobsPK.com. Here we have shared the new Jobs opportunity with visa sponsorship, work permit and work visa.

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