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Plastic Products Manufacturing Supervisor Jobs in Canada 2024

The employment of plastic products manufacturing supervisors is expected to remain steady and banks will be giving opportunities to applicants who are competent and experienced. Within production, plastic technologists are an integral part of the activities of supervision. T

The quality control of processes and product is their main task, as well as the managing of the whole production planning, and taking command of the workers’ team. Along with the revolution of people towards sustainability and green campaigns, we can expect a rise in demand for supervisors who can implement eco-friendly methods in the production line.

Job Details

  • Job Title: Plastic products manufacturing
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Country: Canada
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

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In Canada, it is anticipated that in 2024 the prerequisites for plastic product manufacturing supervisor posts will not only be an arduous but also a rigorous task. 

  • Employers will therefore require candidates to have lucrative educational backgrounds relating to manufacturing or directly in the manufacturing field like practicing diploma or degree in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or plastics technology. 
  • Plastic products manufacturing industry experience is a must as at least 3-5 years of experience in the relevant field is required for the supervisor positions. 
  • Furthermore, applicants for this position will have to show off their great leadership abilities, solve problems in a manner that will be effective, and last but not least, immerse themselves in the manufacturing processes including quality control standards. 
  • Thus, experts in the specific software and technical tools used in the industry as well as those who know the health and safety regulations are the vital qualifications that candidates should embrace.


  • The manager is chargeable for enforcing and retaining first-class control measures to make certain that the plastic products meet enterprise standards and consumer necessities. 
  • Additionally, the supervisor will be expected to monitor and optimize manufacturing tactics, troubleshoot any troubles that stand up, and enforce upgrades to boost productivity and reduce waste. 
  • With a focal point on safety and performance, the Plastic Products Manufacturing Supervisor will play a key role in ensuring the achievement and competitiveness of the plastic manufacturing industry in Canada in 2024.


  • Being a manager allows for career advancement and the opportunity to expand management talents. 
  • The job involves working with innovative technology and approaches, contributing to the boom and achievement of the producing enterprise in Canada. 
  • Furthermore, the position of a Plastic Products Manufacturing Supervisor allows people to make a meaningful effect on the environment with the aid of implementing sustainable practices
  • Promoting eco-friendly projects in the production procedure. 

Types of Jobs

Plastic product production is a key component in the Canadian sector. Looking ahead to 2024, the varieties of supervisor jobs are predicted to adapt and diversify. Some job types include: 

Production Supervisors: They oversee the everyday operations of the manufacturing line, ensuring goals are met and approaches run smoothly. 

Quality Control Supervisors: display and preserve product first-class requirements, implementing first-rate management approaches and conducting inspections. Maintenance 

Supervisors: Are liable for the preservation and restoration of machinery and gadgets to ensure clean production approaches. 

Health and Safety Supervisors: Cognizance of maintaining secure working surroundings, enforcing and implementing safety protocols and guidelines. 

Manager: Efficient and secure operation of plastic product production facilities in Canada.


The plastic products manufacturing supervision, individuals can earn a mid-level income ranging from CAD 60,000 to CAD 80,000 yearly. Supervisors are accountable for taking care of large groups, greater complex production tactics, or specialized regions within the manufacturing facility.

Experienced Plastic Products Manufacturing Supervisors with giant enterprise know-how, leadership capabilities, and a record of a hit operations management can earn salaries ranging from CAD eighty,000 to CAD hundred,000 or more step by year. These senior-stage positions often include overseeing a couple of production strains, imposing strategic projects for manner development, and playing a key function in choice-making in the business enterprise.

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How to Apply For Plastic Products Manufacturing Supervisor Job in Canada?

All in all, a job as a plastic products manufacturing supervisor in Canada can grant a good salary option and endless benefits. For those who want to pursue a career in manufacturing can try their luck.  With the increasing call for plastic products globally, there can be a consistent call for professional supervisors within the manufacturing enterprise. These positions offer solid salaries and benefits.

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