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Poultry Farm Worker Jobs in New Zealand 2024

On a calm background with a mix of green rolling hills and beautiful valleys stands an industry that not only feeds the entire country but also offers amazing employment opportunities for those willing to work in the agriculture sector. 

However, the section of poultry farming is a bright spot in the industry, since it offers a variety of job slots to the youth who have a passion for rearing and producing high-quality poultry products. 

Job Details

  • Job Title: Poultry Farm Workers
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Country: New Zealand

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  • It would be overstated to suggest that a higher degree of education from a university is required by all.
  • Most employers do look for candidates who are employable, physically fit, and have a passion for livestock husbandry. 
  • Besides, knowing farm equipment working ability to follow biosecurity protocols as well as to get along with others are other highly demanded staff characteristics.


  • Being part of the national food supply chain, workers share their delight in working the benefit of working in a supportive environment
  • The opportunity to get new skills and rise in their career, access to health care and other welfare, and housing developments if the farm resides near the city. 
  • This is not all: interconnected with people with similar thinking gives the advantage in partnership building and having lifetime connections.


  • These tasks can be such as giving birds their feed and water, cleaning and maintaining pens and their equipment
  • Caring for the flock’s health, administering necessary medications or vaccines, going for egg collection, and abiding with biosecurity matters that look at preventing disease spread. 
  • Furthermore, the same workers may be responsible for record-keeping, helping with breeding platforms, and engaging in needed care and maintenance tasks on the farm.


In New Zealand, where the poultry farm workers’ wages are determined is dependent on several matters like the extent of their experience, the qualifications that they have, and the specific duties in the particular job description. The initial phase of contracts normally pays between NZD 20k to NZD 30k per annum which can gradually increase along with the complexity of the job and experience gain.

Types of Jobs

Poultry Farm Technician: The main focus is to make all these decisions regarding the regular activities, health of the flock, and biosecurity protocol implementation.

Egg Collector: To brood nests and get the quality eggs of your requirements, while properly handling them and getting their shelving done with proper quality parameters is your responsibility in the day-to-day tasks.

Hatchery Worker: Involved in several aspects of poultry egg production but mainly responsible for incubation and hatching process by monitoring temperature and humidity levels, candling eggs before hatching, and making sure the newborn chicks are healthy in the beginning.

Feed Mill Operator: Drives machines for crushing and weighing feed components as formulated, and ensures bird growth and production needs by applying the best nutritional values.

Poultry Breeder: Be involved in the selective breeding process to improve the genetics of the domesticated poultry, e.g. egg-laying performance, meat quality, or resistance to diseases.

Health and Safety Officer: In the business landscape, with health and safety rules, the task of conducting risk assessments and providing training sessions on the farm to keep workers safe is an essential duty.

Quality Assurance Inspector: Carries out routine inspections of poultry facilities to make sure they meet the standards outlined in the industry code, possess cleanliness within, and are in line with regulations governing the welfare of birds.

Farm Manager: All farm operations are under the oversight and the position’s responsibilities include staffing, budgeting, production planning, and implementation of strategic initiatives aimed at optimizing cost and profit capabilities.

Veterinary Assistant: Helps veterinarians to offer sick birds medical care as they diagnose diseases, provide treatments, and perform regular health checks.

Research Assistant: Coordinates in partnership with agricultural scientists and researchers to conclude experiments, collect data, and write reports productive in upgrading poultry production technologies and practices.

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How to Apply For Poultry Farm Worker Jobs in New Zealand?

NZ’s poultry farming industry creates quite a diversity of considerable careers that would excite those who appreciate agriculture and animal husbandry. Be it at the beginning of your career path or you’re eyeing to upgrade your standing in your chosen profession, there’s a perfect role that can match your ability. 

With a decent work atmosphere, remunerative salaries, and the opportunity to make a critical remark on food production as well it is now New Zealand’s poultry farm worker job that carries the prospect of a gainfully employed career in agriculture.


Mubashir is a author of VisaJobsPK.com. Here we have shared the new Jobs opportunity with visa sponsorship, work permit and work visa.

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